Are you a music enthusiast who is looking for a relaxing simulator that corresponds to your interests? Then Blob Opera is the game you were looking for! It is both extremely satisfying and entertaining, as you will have a unique opportunity to generate your own opera concertos in the most hilarious and unusual way.

How was Blob Opera created?

This innovative online game was born out of a partnership between David Li and Google Arts & Culture. The project employs cutting-edge AI to remodel the art of opera into a playful and accessible experience. The development involved recording the voices of four professional opera singers:

  • Tenor: a high-pitched and clear voice of Christian Joel served as a model for a blue blob in the middle of the group.
  • Bass: Frederick Tong is the owner of a deep and intense singing, which is represented by a violet figure, standing on the right.
  • Mezzo-soprano: the green creature now has an ability to sing with a universal and very popular kind of singing, which belongs to Joanna Gamble.
  • Soprano: one of the most beautiful and prominent voices, Olivia Doutney’s one is recreated with the help of a red figure on the left.

The full version of the game is available for pc users and for the Android with the mods. It features an extensive dataset which was used to train a model that accurately mimics the sounds of operatic singing, resulting in a delightful and interactive musical creation tool.


Your primary goal here is to create captivating operatic performances by manipulating charming, multicoloured blobs that represent different vocal ranges, from tenor to bass.

Blob Opera

  • Become a conductor. Manipulate the singers by moving them up and down to change pitch, and forward and backward to alter the vowel sounds they produce.
  • Get acquainted with the mechanics. The perceptive controls of the game make it easy for anyone, regardless of musical background, to forge wonderful blendings and melodies.
  • Generate masterpieces on the go. The performers react to your inputs in real time, harmonising to create a seamless and rich operatic sound.

Play with Real Voices

One of the most surprising elements of Blob Opera is its use of real operatic voices. The machine learning model, trained on hours of recordings from professional singers, ensures that the blobs produce lifelike and authentic melodic sounds.

This realistic vocal reproduction allows players to experience the grandeur and beauty of opera in a comical, engaging way. Each blob’s voice is based on the actual singing styles of the four professionals, providing a rich and dynamic sound palette for your musical creations.

Enjoy the Extraordinary Features

Blob Opera presents a range of features designed to enhance your musical involvement and to help you diversify your usual entertainment by a refreshing musical performance.

  • Select the best location. You can choose from various performance settings, including iconic locations such as the Blobbera House and cities like London, New York, and Mexico City.
  • Check out diverse assortments. Each setting provides a unique visual backdrop for your operatic performances. Also, it is a well-known fact that opera sounds differently, depending on the place it is performed in!
  • Embrace inventiveness. The game includes festive options to add a celebratory flair to your creations. With no strict rules or limitations, it encourages boundless imagination and experimentation, making each session an exclusive musical journey.
  • Share your newly-made tracks. It is quite easy to record your experiments by pushing the button on the left. Let your friends and family enjoy the innovative melodies!
  • Your time is unlimited. There are no time boundaries in this project, so it may take you hours to conceive an exquisite and truly perfect piece.

Blob Opera

Listen to the Most Popular Compositions

Blob Opera has inspired a variety of creative renditions of popular music, thanks to its flexible and understandable design. Many players have recreated famous melodies and shared them online, showcasing the potential for producing high-quality musical pieces.

These compositions demonstrate the ability of this stunning project to revolutionise well-known melodies into operatic masterpieces, highlighting its versatility and appeal.

Record Your Creations

Blob Opera includes a recording feature that supports you with capturing your operatic performances. Once you’ve perfected your musical piece, simply hit the record button located at the bottom left of the screen.

This aspect enables you to save your inventions and share them with acquaintances and family members, adding a collective element to the game. Whether you’re showcasing your operatic skills or just having fun, the recording feature provides a lasting way to enjoy and share your musical journey.

Take Pleasure in the Distinctive Visuals

The graphic design of Blob Opera is as pleasant as its auditory component. The amusing blobs are animated in a lively and captivating way, each with its own unique personality and movements. The vibrant stages and settings add to the overall charm, providing a visually stimulating backdrop for your musical creations.

The combination of lively animations and dynamic backgrounds creates an immersive and enjoyable environment, making the act of creating opera as visually appealing as it is sonically satisfying.


Blob Opera stands out as a unique and entertaining way to explore the world of opera. Its use of advanced machine learning and real operatic voices provides an authentic musical experience. The user-friendly controls, combined with the freedom to investigate and create, makes it available to everyone, professionals or just passionate music lovers.


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