Are you suffering from continuous stress and you want to relax a little bit? Elastic Man presents a perfect opportunity to do just that and even more! This virtual stress toy will serve as a brilliant relief for those who need to distract themselves from all the troubles and responsibilities.

Make some funny faces

As a model you will have the face of a character from a famous cartoon. It is made of some incredibly elastic material, so no damage will be caused to it whatever you do. Thus, enjoy pulling, smashing, slapping and just having fun with an amusing figure. There is no particular aim in this action, but it brings joy and excitement nonetheless!

Pick up a part of the face and bring the cursor to the side and see how it deforms. Experiment with the speed and tension force to get new emotions and elevate your mood even more. There are also a variety of angles that can be selected, which diversifies the action, too.

Turn the experience into realistic stream

For those, who appreciate realistic and high-quality pictures, there are special settings, which allow you to alter the graphics. This way, the rubber face becomes even more excellent, leaving the player with an absolutely new range of feelings.