This complex arcade can turn out the most extensive trial you have ever accepted! Large neon terrains brimming with glowing obstacles and shiny decorations immediately catch the player’s attention and transfer them into a wonderful universe, where you are just a tiny detail trying to find a way out of a sophisticated labyrinth.

How to play

This game can be enjoyed from any device, which makes it extremely multi-faceted, as each time you will receive an absolutely different spectrum of emotions! However, to master the initial skills, you may try the most basic controls on the computer. As the project has 2D graphic design, you can move only forward and backwards, jumping when it is needed.

Sometimes you also need to restart the level quickly, if you suddenly chose a wrong path and don’t want to wait for death. This will bring you to the nearest checkpoint and you will be able to finish the route without any further problems.

Remember that your main aim is to reach the peak of the tower, meaning that you need to ascend all the time. Some of the mazes though, will require you to descend first, in order to get higher. Filled with various teleports and other mischievous mechanisms, the levels are going to challenge the mind of any enthusiast.

Listen to the wise hints

When facing a new mechanic, it is crucial to listen to the instructions given to you by other cubes that are more familiar with the surroundings. They may tell you what is the best approach to a certain type of barrier and what not to do if you don’t want to fail.

Sometimes you need to accelerate as much as you can before overcoming some hurdle and with the other kinds of obstacles it is better to keep the normal pace and not to hurry. Develop your own strategy and glide through the neon terrains freely and safely.

At the same time, the higher you get, the more complicated the track gets. There may be more checkpoints, but they won’t save you if you haven’t grasped all the basics of survival here. So, learn to become a professional and finally arrive at the final destination.