Are you familiar with the Wordle game? This wonderful project is similar to it, as it also features the element of guessing, but this time with a specific theme. See how well you know musicians and the main facts about them by guessing their names, ciphered in the crossword-like field.

How passionate are you about music?

Ten attempts are given to you before the round will be over, so even if you have no idea who it can be, you still have a chance to guess. Make your choice with the help of random hints that appear right at the beginning, giving you some information about the artist or the band.

However, you have to consider that the facts given can be connected to absolutely different aspects of the musician, starting from their gender to the year when their debut album was released. Each failure will give you a new hint, but there is no way you can influence which one it will be.

The colours are important!

Once you have entered your answer and decided to verify it, the project will show which of the letters are already in the correct places, which should be moved somewhere and which are absent at all. Turn the colours into additional evidence and keep all the peculiarities in mind during the next attempt.