Try not to break your keyboard with this extremely addictive and intense project! The objective is so simple, yet so intriguing – you have to smash your spacebar to the point when you can’t feel your fingers and purchase various upgrades with the points. What is the maximum speed you can reach?

Gameplay Spacebar Clicker

Unlike in most clickers, you have to use the keyboard and not the mouse. In particular, you will use only the spacebar, pushing it as hard as you can. There is even a special indicator which shows how fast you press the key, counting it in clicks per second.

There is nothing else, except for a huge space bar that you slam continuously as long as possible. Luckily, it is also possible to purchase various improvements that will help you to raise the income and provide passive income. Start with a simple stone that can be quite an effective tool when used right. This will give you only one point in ten seconds, but this is only the start!

Diversify the activity

Each time you buy something new, another lot appears, bringing more beneficial perspectives. However, they will also cost more money, so it is recommended to acquire a couple of knives or revolvers first, before you proceed to the rifle and more powerful upgrades.

And if you are tired of the endless clicking sound, the project offers a piano mode, which will turn them into pleasant melodies. This way you may both profit from your work and enjoy beautiful notes played simultaneously, entertaining yourself on the way to success.

There is even an option for those who crave challenges everywhere, even in such a relaxing project. Go for an insane speedrun and produce an unbelievable number of pushes in one second, creating a full-fledged production. Acquire everything possible and take the top place in the major rankings.