Do you consider yourself an intellectual and want to check all your profound knowledge? Then, welcome to this quiz game, where you will have to guess Google searches, having only the first part of it. Get to know how many people google curious, weird and even atrocious things!

Choose your category

The project offers many interesting categories to challenge you. It can be connected with nature, people, politics, sports and many other aspects of our lives. Select the division, with which you are acquainted the best and check if it is really so. You have only three chances to win the round, so be careful with the assumptions!

At the same time, when you guess a search right, a certain number of points is added to your score. How many points are you able to collect during one run? It depends both on your involvement and on luck. Some of the questions may be too hard even for pretty educated individuals!

Play with your friends

The most intricate variant to complete this unusual quiz though, is to get your buddies or family involved in the process! See how many attempts it is going to take your friends to master the art of Google searching. Everybody is in the same conditions, so let the smartest one win!