Unleash your hidden talents and try yourself out in this spectacular opera simulator! Blob Opera is created both for you to have fun and acquire certain knowledge about the kinds of opera voices and their differences. Make an attempt to compose your own melody and master the skill of singing.

Gameplay Blob Opera

To play this game you need to make minimum efforts that will likely result in maximum pleasure. Instead of the singers, you are going to control funny blobs that look like clay pieces of diverse colours. Although they may look pretty simple, each of the blobs is different and has their own characteristics and peculiarities.

Apart from the colours, they represent various voices used when performing opera. Whether you prefer hearing more of a tenor or bass in your future masterpiece, it is easy to manage. Just drag the appropriate figure up, down on to the sides and watch the singing change!

There are thousands of variations of possible combinations in the game which gives you a unique opportunity to generate an extraordinary composition or remake your favourite one. Listen to the most popular and well-known tracks by pushing the button with a Christmas tree on it.

Could you hear the voices before?

One of the most incredible aspects of this cool game is that the voices are completely real, as they belong to famous opera singers in real life! And you have a rare chance to use their voices for your masterpieces, arranging them in intricate manners and making them sound absolutely different.

Save your creations

Apart from having fun in real time, Blob Opera also presents an ability to record your rehearsals or a full-fledged opera and share it with whoever you want! The appropriate red button should be pressed to start the recording or stop it when it is needed. There are limitless tries, so don’t be afraid if everything goes not as planned!

Just start over and let the magic happen. Make the blobs sing one after the other, creating a charming melody that is going to amaze all your acquaintances. However, if you want a faster pace, you will need to move quickly yourself as well, managing the instruments and balancing between chaotic cacophony and fantastic tunes.

Change the stage!

Although you can’t change the range of performers, you may select a nice background to help create the needed atmosphere for your next opera piece! The game presents several locations, including the opera house where you start your career and even Mexico that may spice up the tunes a little bit.

Stick to the most used options or choose less obvious paths and come up with a completely unique song, it is all up to you! Blob Opera encourages every player to experiment with all the tools they have to replenish the community with more amazing melodies!