The simulator realm is replenished with a new exciting game! The second part in the famous series promises more features, heroes and other interesting details, so hurry up and check everything right now! Wonderful battles with unprecedented twists are waiting to happen and you will be the one to manage them.

Generate your army

In this universe you are both a soldier and the commander and you need to perform well in both areas. Choose the warriors that will be suitable for a particular campaign and place them in the right spots. The arrangement plays a significant role here, so try to foresee all possible outcomes to select the most profitable positions.

The class of the fighters also matters a lot, as they all have special abilities that may help in one situation and harm in the other ones. The enemy’s army may serve as a hint, letting you figure out what class will do the best and destroy the opponents.

Consider the resources

However, one element of the project may interfere with your plans, as each time you have a restrained amount of cash, making it impossible to create a perfect squad with many powerful heroes. So, make do with what you have and learn to strike out of nearly impossible trials.