Sometimes, the simpler the better and OvO Unblocked is the most appropriate example! This project won’t amaze you with super detailed graphics, but the gameplay won’t leave any player unsatisfied! Parkour combined with exciting and sophisticated riddles is created for those who like unusual quests.

Delve into energetic atmosphere

This project requires you to always be on the go and to think quickly and logically. The first levels will just get you acquainted with the controls, but the further you go, the more complicated the routes will be. Solve the puzzles right in the process of bypassing the obstacles and develop the correct routes yourself.

Will you manage to overcome more than forty different terrains filled to the brim with various traps and twists? Show off your agility skills and jump, grab, run and glide under the barriers to achieve the finish.

Set incredible records

The moment you begin the trial, the timer goes off, showing you how fast your pace is. Dash as fast as you can and look for the shortcuts to improve your result. The rankings are here for you to evaluate your success and compare it to the other players. Can you achieve the top place and become a parkour professional?