Take a step into a new adventure, where you can enjoy both stunning beats and thrilling gameplay! Control a neon cube and overcome various barriers, from the most basic ones like spikes to the unusual obstacles, like gravity-changing portals. Challenge yourself with three unique levels and see if your skill is as high as you think.

React swiftly!

In Geometry Dash Meltdown, you will have difficulties pouring at you from the start. The key to success is to stay focused and listen to the melody that sorts a little hint to what is going to happen next. The Geometry Dash series is notable for its fascinating techno tunes, so there is no way you feel bored while playing!

Master new mechanics

This time, apart from usual dangers, you will have to face new ones that are significantly more complicated and deadly. Fly over sharp buzzsaws and avoid the jaws of devious black creatures that are waiting for you to fail on the ground.

Utilise the practice mode to get acquainted with the track first and to check what exactly is included in the struggle. Check out the best routes that will bring you the highest results and proceed to the real race. How long will it take you to pass all the crazy obstacle courses?