The performance, the style and the incredible beats – everything is merged into a brilliant game, where you are the one who creates unique music literally with your hands! There are multiple possible variants to match the notes and turn them into masterpieces, so there is also lots of space for the most stunning experiments!

Get your music career started

To begin with, you will need to get acquainted with your unusual instruments. This project offers you to generate extraordinary tunes with the help of colourful blobs which make different sounds according to your actions. Raise one of them up and you will help what it is capable of.

The higher you pull the blob, the louder and the more prominent is the sound. From a tenor to bass, all the musical range is here to be utilised in the creation of ultimate melodies! Learn to combine your instruments and receive more and more new sound combinations.

Share your incredible creations

The most exciting part of the project is that you are totally capable of recording your attempts and even showing them to your friends and family! Coming up with a new hit, let your buddies evaluate it first and tell you what they think about it. To help you make your songs better.