This shooter is not your usual energetic game, but a project that requires some strategy and ability to develop the tactics during the battle. There is only one attempt to pass the level and you either watch your back or start over! Pass all the levels and prove that you are an ultimate soldier!

How to play

You are going to start knowing absolutely nothing about the location, the enemies and the weapon you can possibly obtain. Thus, it is crucial to be able to adapt to the circumstances when you have already begun. Evaluate the surroundings and find any weapon first, so that you are ready for fight.

However, don’t move too swiftly, as the faster you act, the faster your opponents react! You are the one controlling the time here, so try to benefit from this interesting peculiarity and carefully calculate the moment to kill your foes with just one shot or kick! You may even grab your opponents’ firearms if you want, so there is always a chance to win.

At the same time, the levels get harder and harder each time, making you face multiple adversaries at the same time, while they are being equipped with the most powerful guns. It may be quite hard to survive, especially being this fragile, but a little patience and you will prevail!

Keep an eye on your enemy!

The most important thing in the project is to spot all the foes in time. Don’t let them approach too close to you, as this way you leave yourself no chances to react and dodge the attack. To prevent such situations, utilise firearms when you can, eliminating the enemies from a distance.

It will be super fun, as there the range of it is truly impressive, from the most common guns to massive rifles which may destroy several aims with just one shot. Although, they are usually more difficult to obtain, so act according to the situation and don’t risk it all for nothing.

Prepare for the counterattack

Some of the adversaries can notice you faster, then you spot them, so look not only for big and red figures, but also for small bullets that may already be flying right towards you! Bypass the dangers skilfully and come closer to the attacker in order to make him regret.

Although, if you consider a level too complicated, there is an opportunity to make it significantly easier within seconds! Only once during the whole adventure can you either become invincible or receive an endless number of bullets for a gun, turning you into an absolutely unbeatable warrior.