Are you a fan of golf, but there is no opportunity to play it on a big field in real life? Don’t worry, as Speedy Golf presents multiple fields with different landscapes and diverse obstacles respectively! In this incredible simulator you will feel the full spectrum of emotions from this sport and even more!

Evaluate your strength

In golf the result depends not only on the route and natural factors, but also on the strength you decide to use. To help you measure it, the project offers a scale, where green means a slight punch and red indicates a really powerful kick. Calculate the approximate length the ball needs to pass and match the kick with it.

There is also an ability to alter the spin and change the destination of the ball, making it go to the exact spot you need. However, some practice is needed before you can use these abilities to their full potential. Luckily, lots of locations are accessible, where you may practise as long as you want.

Watch the statistics

Your results are included in the interface, so you don’t need to open extra settings to see them. Just look at the left side of the screen and see how many scores you already have, what is your best round and what is the distance to the nearest hole.