Participate in the production of various goods and become the most successful business owner in the area! This incredible tycoon game gives multiple opportunities for development, as the more things you manufacture, the more the assortment in the supermarket grows.

Raise your business from the ground

Start the project in a multistorey building, where only the first floor is available to you for now. That is where you can sell the products you obtain from other companies. Calculate the profit you need to receive and purchase the next floor, where you can produce the materials for sale yourself.

Total income can be monitored on top of the screen, together with the cash you already received, so you may easily evaluate your progress! Hire new employees, expand the territory of the supermarket and attract more and more wealthy customers. Try to serve the clients in time though, as they won’t wait forever!

Keep an eye on your workers

It is really convenient to watch what the employees are doing and how they work. Invest into them from time to time to increase income and improve their results. Also, upgrade the levels, adding new useful equipment. Build an empire that will prosper endlessly!