You have just survived a horrible shipwreck and the only thing you have left is a tiny raft that carries you through the waves somewhere into the sea. Leaving all your past life behind, will you find enough strength to evolve again from the very beginning, managing your simple life in the middle of the sea?

How to play Raft Life

The first thing you need to obtain in order to make your life less insufferable is the resources and wood is the main one. With enough logs in your inventory, you can afford a lot of curious buildings and improvements. Exchange them into coins in the special lot of your raft and purchase something else or expand your dwelling.

The main source of wood in this project are the trees that can grow in the hand-made seedbeds pretty well. However, it takes some time for them to fully grow and recover when you cut them to gain lumber. Use this time for building and constructing new grandiose plans!

In addition, you need something to eat to survive under such rough conditions! The most obvious activity to get nutrition is to go fishing and catch some nice and fat sea creatures. You can do it manually of course, but there is also a way to turn it into a passive activity. Just place some nets around the boat and enjoy a catch every minute!

Defend your floating house

Although, not all sea life will be as harmless as poor fish that are going to become your dinner. The sharks are waiting for you to fall in the water where they will tear you apart! To prevent that from happening, fend off these creatures with any sort of weapon available to you.

But if you manage to eliminate one, new materials will be available, meaning more useful tools can be crafted in the future. Expand your horizons and check out all possible innovations to make your life, surrounded by water from each side, as nice as it used to be before the accident.

Apart from that, you may find other animals, who can either bring you some benefits or annoy you, such as the loud and blatant sea gulls that usually bring destruction, but sometimes pay you off with delightful bonuses.