Immerse into the adrenaline-racking racings, where only one mistake can lead to an ultimate failure! This game tests your reaction in the most brutal manner, as the further you go, the higher the speed is. Will you maintain on the route or will the gravity prevail, knocking you out of the lane?

Accept an insane challenge

Take control over a usual ball that is going to embark on a stunning adventure over the crazy routes, brimming with perilous barriers. From the wide gaps to moving platforms and other deadly obstacles, you will have to find an appropriate approach to every scenario.

The levels progressively get more and more difficult, making you utilise all your creativity and agility to overcome new courses of obstacles. If you are a professional, the first levels may not be really challenging, but the later ones will certainly change your mind!

Enjoy the diversity

More than forty terrains were constructed to form an excruciatingly complicated route that you need to face. However, there is always a way to finish them all, you just need to figure out the correct one. Experiment with the momentum and calculate the lengths of the jumps to get over the barriers efficiently and swiftly.