Crack and smash the eggs in this weird, but nerve-racking shooter! In Shell Shockers instead of a human warrior you take the role of an egg which, however, is also equipped with everything you need for a fight. Guns, bombs, grenades and many other weapons are here for you to utilise during the violent battles!

Choose your path

The project offers three different regimes, each one including its own benefits. You may decide to stay alone and fight for your own life only or join a team, developing a collective plan. In the last case, the objectives differ, as you may either destroy all the foes or hunt a mystery spatula that is the source of the conflict.

Take pleasure in total destruction!

Whatever mode you choose, the energetic atmosphere of constant shooting, running and hiding is guaranteed to every player. Gain points for each successful round and upgrade your firearms to raise chances for victory and to bring even more pleasure from eliminating the adversaries.

However, it is also advised to think about your own safety! As you are just an egg, your shell is pretty fragile, so it is necessary to ensure that a random shot won’t break you. Purchase or steal the armour from your foes to increase health.